Speech Teletherapy Vocal Exercise – Discovery Videos

The video, which is produced for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, is designed to teach basic speech teletherapy and exercises for vocal function.

Sustain-E assists you in coordinating the vowel and pitch. Practice sustaining your breath by making”e “e” sound with the same pitch for as long as you can.

The gliding “ooo” exercise in sound guides the user through controlled changes of pitch . This raises the top of your speaker’s definition. Words that are open, for example “whoop” is used to substitute in place of a word.

A downward gliding exercise reaches at the top of the range of motion and may help the person to extend their range downward. The patient can use the word “no” as a substitute for.

The final exercise is to make sure you can start and stop sound clearly and alter the pitch by using the “Oh” which can be used for a change in pitch. This sound is upwards or downwards. By repeating each of the exercises twice and repeating them later, in between 6 and 8 weeks, the voice will improve and persist through the days. agefj95rod.

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