Advice on Independent Living for Seniors – Daily Inbox

Do you have trouble paying for your expenses? It is good news that Section 207 of the Social Security Act is a safeguard that stops Social Security payments from getting garnished by debt collectors. Other forms of income for seniors like veteran’s compensation and earnings from disabilities are also covered.

A lot of seniors are considered to be judgment-proof. Anyone who is a party to an outstanding judgment against them is not able to get the property back. Seniors can even send cease-and desist letters to debt collectors asking that they stop all communication with them.

Seniors usually have a fixed income and can take advantage of debt in order to manage their everyday costs. It is also possible to reduce your housing costs to make more affordable your living expenses.

Legal professionals and organisations that assist seniors burdened by financial burdens and teach seniors about the best ways to safeguard their rights will be beneficial to senior citizens who are living on their own. Visit the above link for more details and receive additional guidance for the independent living of senior citizens.


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