14 Key Services to Include in Your Monthly Car Maintenance Plan

Even if you’re not checking each time your calendar is turned.
12. Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid is vital to the operation of your car’s transmission, it is the lubricant that allows power to flow through your wheels. If your transmission fluid isn’t frequently checked, you may end up in a situation that your transmission fails regardless of the fact that the engine is still able to be running. In reality, transmissions should be tested every time the car is in for an oil change, and the mechanics will let the driver know that you require the flushing of your transmission.

13. Monitoring Your Suspension

It is recommended to check the struts and your shocks every 50,000 miles. They take a beating particularly when you reside near the Upper Midwest and you’re coming out of winter , before your state’s Department of Transportation has the chance to fix the worst potholes on I-94 leaving St. Paul. Make sure to bring your car in for a suspension inspection If you’ve experienced a decline in a large level of smoothness or control in your drive.

14. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs need periodic replacements, but they should still be maintained on a regular basis. With time, the spark plugs become less effective and, eventually, require replacement. Check them with a qualified professional according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or when you feel your strength diminish.

There are a number of the important items needed to maintain your car’s excellent condition for driving. Your vehicle is an important element of your existence and you won’t be able to make a difference when it’s in poor state. Contact an auto mechanic now to plan your regular maintenance as well as keep it in good condition.


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