Common Dangers in Cheap Fixer Upper Homes – Home Improvement Videos

The result could be a host of issues. The lead pipes leak carcinogens into the water, and are certain to make everyone in your household infected. The water can rust from the pipes made of lead, rendering it inedible for cooking, washing or cleaning. If pipes are not properly cleaned and maintained then they may leak and cause water damage. It is important to have the drains and pipes inspected before you start any project to improve your home.
Waste Disposal Concerns

Another area to be sure to not overlook is septic tank repair service. Not all cheap fixer upper houses have septic systems, but this is an area you have to look into and be certain to consider when purchasing the next house to flip. It is due to the fact that many urban properties don’t come with sewer systems, whereas many farms have. In order to properly plan your remodeling the first step is to determine the type of waste management system is available.

An septic system that’s old and inefficient may pose danger to your home. It can back up and let harmful gasses enter your home. It can also leak into your yard and make an unintentional clutter. Failing septic systems can cause destruction to the ecosystem around and even seep into the underground aquifers, poisoning the water supply. Be sure the home’s septic tanks and systems are properly maintained.

Re-installation of Windows and Doors

Door and window replacements are an essential upgrade in the event that the doors aren’t overly outdated. The cheapest fixer-uppers frequently have issues with windows and doors, and that can put the whole home at risk for problems further down the line. This is not just a nuisance if windows don’t stick properly and doors fail to close correctly. These problems can be an hazard to your health and safety, as well as increasing risk of injury and fatality.

Windows that aren’t closing or secure properly are not safe against storms, intruders, or even weather. If windows cannot be open easily, then you and your loved ones could become


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