How Directional Drilling Works – Discovery Videos

people who are not natives or in busy zones.

It is crucial to plan in advance before beginning drilling. This will ensure that the drilling crew doesn’t get in conduits that are already present below the surface. In the beginning, the drilling team directional bore down to the beginning pit.

The drill is underground as it’s tracked by a locator, which will provide instructions on how you can navigate the drill. By using this method, you’ll identify the exact depth the drill at any time, and then move it in the direction of up, down, left and right. The bore’s path will typically be widened to slightly bigger than the bore. The reamer is a tool to widen the bore.

There will be no disruptions around the site while this occurs the process can proceed normal throughout the whole process. When you need to protect the land that is protected, particularly wetland habitats, directional drilling could be used. Find out more information about it through watching this video.


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